Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book review : Spring Persistence with Hibernate(Apress)

Spring Persistence with Hibernate (Beginning)

If you are looking for a book to learn about Spring and Hibernate, pass your way. If you are looking for a reference, pass your way. So who is this book for ? I think it is aimed at people who want to try a simple application using Spring3 and Hibernate 3.x (JPA2). It is fast paced, straight to the point. If you know what you are doing, it's a fun book. You'll start by setting your development environment (authors use Maven), configure Spring and Hibernate, make some domain classes, make some DAOs... Very fun. But don't expect to find answers if you're stuck somewhere.

There are some interesting explanations about persistence optimization like caching and lazy-loading, as well as a chapter about integration of frameworks like Dozer and Lucene. It also mentions REST and Spring MVC, and concludes with Grails and Spring Roo. These last two might be out of topic, but they have their own merit. I think they are worth reading.

I didn't notice many typos. Source snippets are neither too short nor too big. They illustrate well the explanation they are attached to. I already know about Spring3 and JPA2, but I never used Hibernate as my persistence provider. This book provided me a chance to try it. I felt it was not like any other technical books. Very enjoyable.

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