Thursday, July 22, 2010

Griffon 0.9 released

Griffon 0.9 is out, with a bunch of bug fixes and new features. Once thing which caught my eyes was Spock. It's not a name easy to miss ! But it's the first time I hear about it. Yet another framework on my todo list.

Sadly, I've stopped studying Griffon recently. My lack of Groovy/Grails knowledge is wasting all the fun. I've decided to study Groovy and Grails first, as Griffon is not only based on Groovy, but it also gets a lot of its inspiration from Grails. I bought Grails In Action and started studying it. There's a whole chapter on Groovy basics. Developping Grails application helps to get used to it. I must say that this is a very cool framework ! Once I'm finished with it, I plan to go back to Griffon, and restart reading Griffon In Action's MEAP book.

I'm late to dive into the Groovy world. There's so much I have to do to get back on tracks. But the efforts are well worth it. Groovy is fun. Grails is fun. But I'm yet to know just how fun it can be.

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