Monday, April 19, 2010

IDE under Ubuntu

I had Ubuntu 9.4 for a while on my laptop, but I was not using it much. I can't tell why. Recently, after spending some time trying to remember which password I was using, I decided to go back to it. I upgraded to 9.10, installed Compix Fusion and Awn, and start playing with all sorts of configurations. Compix is crazy ! If you decide to install Ubuntu, you have to try it. Ubuntu is a lot of fun, and it's fast ! Booting is fast, launching applications is fast. I can't come back to Windows without getting frustrated by the time I have to wait until I can launch an application.

Until now, I was using both IntelliJ and Eclipse on Windows. The first thing I did was to install both on Ubuntu. After setting a few environment variables, I started IntelliJ. It worked. It worked very well. I made a new Griffon project, and started some coding. I like IntellJ's Griffon view, with the Model, View and Controller folders. It was fun... until the focus cursor went wild. No more focus. No matter where I clicked, the window was not responding to the keyboard anymore. After restarting IntelliJ, everything was back to normal. But then the focus cursor went wild again. I searched the web for similar problems, and it seems that many people have this problem on Ubuntu. After wasting some time trying some of the suggestions I read, I gave up, and turned back to Eclipse.

Eclipse Gallileo works like a charm. CTRL+Space was already mapped to the Input Method Editor(IME), so I just had to change the IME settings and remove CTRL+Space from the hook list. Apart from that, I haven't encountered any particular inconvenience yet.

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